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Tankard – Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live [DVD Completo]Show completo do Tankard em 2005, do DVD Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live.


  1. Need money for beer – 0:26
  2. The morning after – 4:42
  3. Zombie attack – 9:02
  4. Slipping from reality – 12:36
  5. Minds on the moon – 17:14
  6. Bermuda – 21:50
  7. New liver please! – 28:34
  8. Maniac forces – 33:00
  9. Queen of hearts – 39:49
  10. Die with a beer In your hand – 46:50
  11. Nation over nation – 53:28
  12. Dancing on our grave – 57:26
  13. Alcohol – 1:02:36
  14. Don't panic – 1:04:22
  15. Space beer – 1:10:45
  16. Rectifier – 1:16:17
  17. Hope? – 1:20:37
  18. Beyond the pubyard – 1:26:16
  19. We are coming back – 1:32:08
  20. Chemical invasion – 1:36:00
  21. Poison – 1:43:58
  22. Alien – 1:50:43
  23. Freibier – 1:54:59
  24. (Empty) Tankard – 2:00:46
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Dunkell Reiter – Soldiers Of Hell (Ao Vivo Em BH – 2014)Dunkell Reitertocando your music, Soldiers of Hell, in the opening to the show's Destruction in Belo Horizonte of the day 30/11/2014, at the Music Hall.

The opening of this show was creepy, because these were miners and count the Deathraiser which are also miners, but of Leopoldina. The two bands are very good.

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Dunkell Reiter – Be Thrash Or Die (Ao Vivo Em BH – 2014)Dunkel Reiter, This band of Count, sending to Be Thrash Or Die, in opening the concert of Destruction, dia 30/11/2014, at the Music Hall in BH.

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Destruction – Total Desaster (Ao Vivo Em BH – 2014)Total disaster, the music with which the Destruction opened the show in BH of the day 30 de novembro de 2014.

This song I filmed with a camcorder from Vivitar teensy, and sound was lower, but you can hear better than the Black Death, I recorded with my phone.

Anyway, There registered!

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Destruction – Black Death (Ao Vivo Em BH – 2014)The Destruction sending the Black Death live at the Music Hall on the day 30 de novembro de 2014, in Belo Horizonte/MG.

According to Schmier, It was first time the song is played in Brazil.

The tr00zão that “boycotted” the show is f * gave. Was neurotic, even more with the opening of the Deathraiser and the Dunkell Reiter.

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Testament – Electric CrownThis is a song from the album The Ritual of Testament that a brother of mine published in the timeline of your Facebook I had here on CD but forgot.

Alias, When I heard the music, I thought I was buying the CD, that was actually a compilation and it rips the music along with two other, the Alone in the Dark and Greenhouse Effect.

Very good music but it's not the fastest or the heavier, so you cannot show that his friend rosqueiro if he'll end up asking to pass him and burn the movie, mixing with nirvana, Trivium or something disgusting and g @ y of these there.


Here we go
The people show
Victims of tomorrow

The way it goes
It never shows
Emptiness or sorrow

There is nothing left inside
Nothing left to cry for
So I justify my crimes
Things that I must die for

So alone
Away it goes
The life that you have wasted

You never know
Where it might go
The sweet success you've tasted

Tasted by a bitter frown
Knowing I must die for
Can't confide, to all the lies
No one to inquire

But as I wander
Change of season
As I realize
That I'll soon be there

I'll let you know
The reapers show
Makes you beg or borrow

He comes to see
The tragedy
His fate he will not follow

Wearing your electric crown
The preacher starts to pray
Shiver as the lights go down
Heed these words, I say

But as I wander
Change of season
I can't ponder
Got my reason

But as I realize
I don't care
All I know is
That I'll soon be there

Now it's done
The time has come
The people stand in silence

Another dawn
Is coming on
His fate is being decided

Now, there is no one left inside
A brain without a mind
Traces of a bitter man
Are all that you will find

But as I wander
Change of season
And I can't ponder
Got my reason

But as I realize
I don't care
All I know is
That I'll soon be there

And I'll soon be there
And I'll soon be there
And I'll soon be there

Letra da música por: Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, Skolnick

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Sodom – Sodomy And Lust (Ao Vivo Em BH – 2013)Gravado no Music Hall, on the day 21 April 2013.

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Scimitar – Little Boy (Cover Sodom)Cover da música Little Boy (Hiroshima) gorda em 2012 numa demo da banda irlandesa Scimitar.

O áudio foi remasterizado e gravado no YouTube.

Apesar da qualidade não ser top, fico muito boa essa parada aí.

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Sarcofago – Screeches From The SilenceO clássico clip desta icônica banda belorizontina com a letra da música.

If you are a false, don't listen!

Letra da Música

The sunshine of dawn will born
Rain falls at the end of the night
Wetting your face, your soul
Speed is your way of life

Soon youll meet your face
Reflected on the wet asphalt
The red of your blood, your blood!
The lights end everywhere
You feel your soul burning in pain
Now you see the face of death
Calling you for a silent kiss

Something strange being inside of me
Am I awakening to a new life?
I can't stand this agony
Somebody please hear my screeches
From the silence

Slowly discovering your alone
Fighting to escape from reality
Bleeding, your body starts to rot
Awakening in a curse of agony

something strange compressing you mind
(Your) pain, slowly turns into despair
A despair of a spirit leaving his corpse
Be welcome to your fate!


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Accept – Fast As A Shark (Ao Vivo, Masters Of Rock 2013)Live clip taken from DVD Masters Of Rock from a presentation of Accept in 2013 playing a song highly influential to Thrash Metal (Some tend to separate from the Speed Metal, But anyway).

It's been a while since I don't follow the Accept, but this singer, Mark Tornillo, who's in the band since 2009, is a good substitute for UDO, Although this has the most powerful voice (or at least had, I know there).

Excellent quality of sound and picture. I never tire of watching this video.

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