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Chakal - Terminal BrainBefore Belo Horizonte has become the hotbed of backwoodsmen who have never created life in a chicken, e de funkeiros, the city was the capital of metal and Brazilian influenced music worldwide.

The production “tosca” gives early 80, speed and aggressive vocals, denouncing the simple but determined desire to play and munch all, characterized and highlighted the metal belorizontino. Not only in the country, em more international, including playing faster and heavier than most bands and most famous gringo that existed at the time.

There are still many old and new bands that produce music of this city straight (only that many people do not know is incompetent of certain idiots), and is one Chakal. Veja OS to Terminal Brain, that of e 1987, LP do Abominable Anno Domini.

I would say is something like a good old school thrash (type in a Venom speed of Motörhead) with vocal Death, which can only result in something good!

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