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Destruction + Krisiun – Rock In Rio 2013

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Destruction + Krisiun In Rock In Rio de 2013. O único show que eu iria nessa porcaria de festival (de quebra fragava o Slayer tb).

Update: parece que o show agora tá completasso!

Gostaria de achar sem esses mongolóide falando no inicio e no final…

The full setlist was:

  1. Curse the Gods
  2. Thrash ‘Till Death
  3. Spiritual Genocide
  4. Nailed to the Cross
  5. Mad Butcher
  6. Armageddonizer
  7. Bestial Invasion
  8. The Butcher Strikes Back
  9. Black Metal (with Krisiun)
  10. Kings Of Killing (only Krisiun)
  11. Combustion Inferno (only Krisiun)
  12. Vicious Wrath (only Krisiun)
  13. Ominous (only Krisiun)
  14. Total disaster (with Krisiun)

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