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Destruction – The Ravenous Beast

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Taken from the album Metal Discharge, This song is definitely not for posers, mainly these losers who hear two songs from Kreator and think are hunks of German thrash metal (you know who you are), but deep down just want to pay of cult or different, and also because only carry these people zeroula that is listening rockzinho mela underwear, and they're easily impressed.

Anyway, I didn't know the clip, but this song is very good, heavy and fast, It seems until the Schmier was getting winded at the end heheh…


The greedly gullet of the bigwig nations
Swallows all of our patience

In unity they fool the poor
Keen on cash like a cheap fucking whore

They’re misplaying their winning game
Already forgot that we’re all the same

Their acting under our flag
Awkward political greylag!

The ravenous beast…
…the claws of evil ripping the credulous poor apart

…the statement of claim ignored by those with a blackheart!

Wrapped up in lies
The ravenous beast

Seems education didn’t teach us well
This ego mania leads into a bombshell

Disgrace surrounds me on those luckiy days
Cause soon the world will be ablaze

Only to give and to share luck
Keeps the unprivileged away from running amok

Escrita por: Schmier e pelo Mike Sifringer.

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