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Exodus – Hammer And Life

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Finally a song from my favorite band, and the best of all time, No matter your opinion… A bootleg of the Exodus, live at the Key Club, Hollywood in 2010.

Is the only live version of this song which is one of the best in the Exhibit B: The Human Condition…

At least the recording quality is excellent for a bootleg!

Attention to Rob Dukes music before the crowd mocking eheheheh… The guy makes a show the part. It has to be very queer to speak ill of him!

Lyrics Of The Song

Born again harder
Than I was before
Bringing the hammer down
Is more than metaphor
I live by the steel
Die by the blade
What reason is there to be
If you're living life afraid?

The hammer is my symbol
The banner that I wave
The motto of my creed
Carved upon my grave
I life for the here and now
I live for the knife
My coat of arms
Is the hammer and life

Solo: Gary
Solo: Lee

Fear and cowardice
Harbingers of demise
Strength and the will to fight
Will lead you to the prize
Glory to all of those
Who conquer to the end
Honor the hammer
On it you can depend


A letra foi escrita pelo Gary Holt.

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