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Exodus – Impaler (Ao Vivo)

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Taking advantage of the wave, I'm coming into a live video stream of the Exodus…

This time they are, at the time of Another Lesson In Violence, in 1997, playing the Impaler on Bogies Albany, in New York City!

Despite the quality of the recording is not the best, doesn't sound like a bootleg, But anyway it's Gold, Whoever is in front is the best of all time, Paul Baloff (do not come here to tell me that the best vocalist in the world is the faggot of Freddy Mercury or that crazy with thin voice of Helloween, Neither of the Angra).

That fat (like all the vocals of Exodus) I could have died, the guy was the Thrash in person, In addition to having an attitude unmatched (“it's not okay to listen anything but heavy”) had a lot of charisma (Despite being ugly as damage).

Também temos o nosso Rick Hunolt, e o Gary Holt com cabelos curtos hehe. Muito bacana, eu tive a sorte de ver eles ao vivo nesta época, foi mágico (uiuiui). Ehehehe eles arrebentam, mesmo com o gordo confundindo as letras e as ordens das músicas, as vezes.


Comes from the land where night is day
The people live in fear
Been this way for oh so long
Another four thousand tears
Everyday he hunts to kill
You know he can’t help himself
Same routine time after time
A way to seize the wealth

Drinking blood don’t mean a thing
Life means even less
Impale your wife, slay your son
Another gory mess
Born in hell, left to die
Now out for all your blood
Living his life day to day
To stake you to the mud

What you see, he don’t care
Now you bleed, start to stare
Cut you down, rip you up
Watching warm blood run

Crush your skull strike him well
When you land, just impaled
Freshly done, there’s no hope
Watching warm blood run

What you see, he don’t care
Now you bleed, start to stare
Freshly done, there’s no hope
Watching warm blood run


A letra foi escrita pelo nosso inestimável Paul Baloff!

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