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Exodus – Live In BH

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Video on VHS that was converted to DVD (and now pro YouTube) a bitch show the Exodus in Belo Horizonte, with Paul Baloff on vocals.

Dude this show cost 10 and it was only animal tale. Still had three opening bands that I can't remember which.

The formation was the same as that of Another Lesson In Violence: Paul Baloff, Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt, Tom Hunting and Jack Gibson.


00:53 – Bonded By Blood
04:10 – Exodus
09:10 – Pleasures Of The Flesh
16:41 – And Then There Were None
22:47 – Piranha
27:15 – No Love
34:50 – Brain Dead
40:10 – Deliver Us To Evil
49:25 – Metal Command
54:00 – A Lesson In Violence
1:00:33 – Toxic Waltz
1:05:00 – Strike Of The Beast

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