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Sepultura – Antichrist

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More a product of Minas Gerais, This time a Sepultura song, the Antichrist, before they escambarem to other directions picky and deplorable.

There are people who speaks the best Sepultura album is Arise (really in CHAOS AD you've note the Clowning), but for me the best job of them are on Bestial Devastation (1985), the EP they released along with the Overdose, and later on the compilation album Morbid Visions of 1991.


Born from Hell
The supreme force of evil
To destroy the altar
And slaughter the christian’s born

Churches will be destroyed
Crosses will be broken
He’s laughing in blasphemy
Like a domination of death


The war is started
Heavens on fire
From the deep of Hell
Leaving words of hate


The terror is declared
The final fight started
The Antichrist and Lucifer
Fighting with angels and God


*Escrita por Wagner “Antichrist”

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