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Sodom – Live Of Depravity (Wacken, Completo)

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Show completo do Sodom em Wacken em 2007, Live Of Depravity!

Isso é puro ouro. Fiquei ouvindo aqui e a mesa ficou toda tremendo…

Tenho que ir em Wacken antes de morrer…


  1. Blood on Your Lips 1:22
  2. Wanted Dead 06:02
  3. City of God 10:59
  4. Axis of Evil 16:15
  5. Blasphemer (with Grave Violator) 22:20
  6. Proselytism Real (with Frank Blackfire) 26:43
  7. Christ Passion (with Frank Blackfire) 31:03
  8. Magic Dragon (with Frank Blackfire) 37:34
  9. Tarred and Feathered (with Michael Hoffmann) 43:47
  10. One Step Over the Line (with Andi Brings) 47:21
  11. Wachturm(Short)_(with Andi Brings) 52:34
  12. Get What You Deserve (with Andi Brings and Atomic Steif) 54:33
  13. Abuse (with Andi Brings and Atomic Steif) 58:32
  14. The Vice of Killing 1:03:40
  15. Napalm in the Morning 1:08:05
  16. Sodomy and Lust (with Bernemann and Frank Blackfire) 1:13:25
  17. Ausgebombt (with Bernemann, Andi Brings and Frank Blackfire) 1:19:10
  18. The Saw is the Law (with Bernemann and Michael Hoffmann) 1:22:20
  19. Outbreak of Evil 1:27:39
  20. Bombenhagel 1:31:54

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  1. Kanel says:

    Guy, I really want to download this show in high resolution, a DVD file even, If you have a link in torrent or else send me please

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