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Sofisticator – Camping The Vein (Álbum)

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Full album from the Italian band Sofisticator.

The band's new album and is 2012. They play an old school thrash, cheerful and quick, like most bands that are in this.

The problem is that on their page, often they speak all in Italian and I don't understand anything, but you can try to find out here:

  1. Depeche Mode Arrival 00:00
  2. Camping the Vein 00:20
  3. Burger Hell 03:21
  4. Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack!) 06:35
  5. Burn the Steaks on the Fire 10:10
  6. Ivo the Woodman 14:27
  7. Holidays in Hell 17:12
  8. I Wa’ sborr’ to Rock’n’Roll 20:42
  9. Sofisticator 25:51
  10. Thrash & Clean 28:37
  11. Mantas (The Thrashmaker) 32:32

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